Book Review: Creepers by Bryan Dunn

My review of Creepers by Bryan Dunn is up at the New Podler Review of Books. Fans of B horror movies will love this one:

Creepers follows the same pattern as my beloved SyFy movies – cut-out characters, dubious science, mortal peril for all involved.

But that’s what I love about those movies and this book.

Creepers does not pretend to answer, or even ask, profound questions about the human existence. It’s all about monstrous vines tearing apart buildings, animals, and people. It’s a story you’d tell your friends around the campfire on a clear night in the desert. I can almost see the author winking at me as he relates one humorous/horrible scene after another. It’s obvious he had fun writing this book, and the reader (at least the fans of B horror movies) will have fun reading it.

Read the whole thing.

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