Today I passed 100,000 words on the first draft of my fourth novel, an alt-history/sci-fi story that I superstitiously don’t want to pitch right now (let’s just say I hope Romans + nasty alien viruses = profit). I figure I have about 30,000 more to go before the first draft is finished.

Getting to 100,000 words is always a great feeling (my two fantasy novels were around 120,000). Not only is it a nice round number, but it means I’m almost done. I’m in Act III, the pace is quickening, and I have a pretty clear picture of how it’s all going to end.

Which means I’m already thinking about my “reward” — a medium-cooked filet from Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, with au gratin potatoes on the side and a lobster bisque to start. For dessert, the chocolate sin cake is calling my name…

What? Sorry, drifting off again.

How do you reward yourself after a big accomplishment?