Story Behind THE LAST KEY

I finished THE LAST KEY in 2003 and found an agent for it in 2005 (Dr. Uwe Stender). Over the next five years my agent sent it to almost every fantasy editor in the business. We got lots of “positive rejections,” but no bites.

So after five years of shopping it around, I had decision to make — continue sending it to smaller and smaller publishers, which could mean several more years of waiting…or make it an e-book, publish it to Kindle and Smashwords, and see what happens.

I chose the e-book route. I’m a pretty patient guy, but after five years even I was getting antsy to get my book into the hands of readers.

So THE LAST KEY is now available on Amazon Kindle. And no, you don’t need a Kindle to buy or read the book. You can easily download a free Kindle Reader for your PC, iPhone, or Blackberry. It only takes a minute to set up.

Or you can go to and download the book in an electronic format you prefer.

My goal is to (hopefully) give readers a rollicking good adventure story at a cheap price. I don’t plan on pursuing a print edition, but I’d certainly love to hear any offers from a print publisher.

So I hope you enjoy the book. If you read it, shoot me an email. I’d love to hear what you think. Better yet, leave a review on Amazon or Smashwords, but be honest – point out the stuff you liked and the stuff you didn’t like. Honest criticism will help me become a better writer, write better books, and maybe someday make a living in this business.