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Balancing Productivity and Happiness

Micah Wedemeyer writes on that lost in the debate regarding telecommuting and productivity is personal happiness. Even if it were true that telecommuters are less productive than office workers (a point he does not concede), so what? If maximizing … Continue reading

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Book Review: In a Season of Dead Weather by Mark Fuller Dillon

Originally posted at the New Podler Review of Books. Grab a comfy chair by the fire, a hot drink, and a book of good horror stories.  Those rattling shutters outside?  Just the blowing snow.  Those shadows dancing in the corner? … Continue reading

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Telecommuter Blues

Last week Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer launched a brouhaha regarding telecommuting by mostly banning the practice at Yahoo (turns out that genuine abuse may have prompted the decision). Now Best Buy has ended its ROWE (Results Only Work Environment) policy … Continue reading

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