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Love letter to Scrivener

Scrivener, I’d say, “You complete me,” but that’s gross and hackneyed. You do, but, well, still gross and hackneyed. I mean, you’re writing software, I’m human. It could never work, my wife would never understand. The thing is, I can’t … Continue reading

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My temporary home

Okay, so somehow my customized blog theme got destroyed and I have no back-ups. I’m not pointing any fingers <cough>my fault</cough> but let’s just say I’m now looking for a new blog theme.  The search will take time, so here … Continue reading

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I Review Books, Too!

I’m a very, very naughty book reviewer. Very naughty. I’ve reviewed indie books at the New Podler Review of Books for almost a year and have failed to promote my reviews on my own blog. I’m hanging my head in … Continue reading

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ASPECT OF PALE NIGHT – My new “geek chic” novel is live!

Buy it on Amazon! Buy it on Smashwords (all other e-formats)! Think Stephanie Plum meets The Big Bang Theory, and you’ll have the premise behind my all new “geek chic” mystery novel, ASPECT OF PALE NIGHT. Times are tough in … Continue reading

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Didn’t quite make it…

My UMBRA CORPS Kickstarter project didn’t make its $2000 goal, but 41 people did pledge $886. Though I don’t get any of that money, I’m humbled and thankful for not only the monetary support, but the simple acts of spreading … Continue reading

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