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I’ve been asked what ZERVAKAN was about, so I thought I’d give you the “teaser” copy I wrote for it a while back. It’s epic fantasy but without the typical medieval milieu — it’s set in world similar to the … Continue reading

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Pity City

My agent got another rejection yesterday for my fantasy novel ZERVAKAN. Once again it was a “positive rejection” — the editor said the book was good, but not great. At least I chose to see it as a positive rejection. … Continue reading

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Lost links

For all you Lost fanatics (me being one of them), Wired has a cool infographic showing the connections between all the characters on the show leading up to the fateful plane crash in 2004. Interesting, but where’s Ben?

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Earth pics

Popular Science Online has gathered some of the best NASA satellite photos of the Earth to celebrate Earth Day. Take a look and then go recycle something.

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Today I passed 100,000 words on the first draft of my fourth novel, an alt-history/sci-fi story that I superstitiously don’t want to pitch right now (let’s just say I hope Romans + nasty alien viruses = profit). I figure I … Continue reading

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Raymond E. Feist talks about writing

Yeah, I wish I could interview a best selling fantasy author like Feist for this blog. Would you settle for these YouTube videos of him talking about his writing process? Developing Characters The Writing Process

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Music to write by

I don’t know what I’d do with out Pandora. It’s essentially free internet radio where you can pick the genre you want to listen to by entering the name of a band or artist, and then Pandora builds a play … Continue reading

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My internal editor is a jerk

I can write about 1000 first-draft words in an hour. How? Easy — I don’t think about it. I don’t think about it before I sit down to write, I don’t think about it while I’m writing, and I don’t … Continue reading

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D&D Night!

It’s Dungeons & Dragons night tonight — or as my 3-year-old daughter calls it, “Candyland Fighting” — and I’m looking forward to continuing the indiscriminate slaughter of marauding giants and cave trolls. My two 11th level fighters — Sturm Endrang … Continue reading

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Outlining vs. Wingin’ It

I’ve written three novels, and for each one I wrote detailed, chapter-by-chapter outlines. You could argue they were my first drafts. All three outlines were in the 40-50 page range, even the one for my contemporary mystery novel, which turned … Continue reading

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