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Ebook Pricing Wars: Episode 1,209,843

Zoe Winters wrote a thoughtful and reasoned post on ebook pricing yesterday that’s worth the read for all you indie publishers struggling with the pricing question. An excerpt: I am bolding this next part because if you don’t hear any … Continue reading

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New short stories!

I published two short stories as ebooks back in December without announcing it to anyone, just to see what would happen. Would I get sales through sheer discovery, or would my stories sit online in undiscovered limbo? I haven’t checked … Continue reading

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Impact of ebooks…in pictures!

Via the Content Wrangler, an interesting info-graphic regarding ebook sales and the impact they’re having on publishers. It’s based on data from 1,300 book publishers in the semi-annual Aptara Survey of Publishing Professionals.

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Thinking of KDP Select? Read the fine print…

Amazon just gave a big fat middle-finger to all the other ebook stores out there with the announcement of their KDP Select program. It sounds great: KDP Select gives you access to a whole new source of royalties and readers … Continue reading

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The positives of negative reviews

I review small-press and self-published books at the New Podler Review of Books, and I’ve unfortunately read my share of, shall we say, “challenging” books. I hate writing bad reviews. I’m an author, too, so I know how much blood, … Continue reading

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Love letter to Scrivener

Scrivener, I’d say, “You complete me,” but that’s gross and hackneyed. You do, but, well, still gross and hackneyed. I mean, you’re writing software, I’m human. It could never work, my wife would never understand. The thing is, I can’t … Continue reading

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Didn’t quite make it…

My UMBRA CORPS Kickstarter project didn’t make its $2000 goal, but 41 people did pledge $886. Though I don’t get any of that money, I’m humbled and thankful for not only the monetary support, but the simple acts of spreading … Continue reading

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UMBRA CORPS on Kickstarter

I just posted my new novel UMBRA CORPS on Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a patronage site where you make pledges to projects you find interesting. Kind of like the pledge drives you see on PBS stations — for every amount you … Continue reading

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Here’s the teaser-trailer for my new sci-fi/alt-history novel UMBRA CORPS. Took me five hours to find the images and music, only 30 minutes to put it together in this video. I love iMovie.

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What’s so hard about publishing a novel?

“It’s science fiction crossed with chick lit crossed with literary fiction.”

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