D&D for Kids

Monster SlayersI’m so excited — Wizards of the Coast is launching a new line of Dungeons & Dragons adventures for kids six and up called Heroes of Hesiod. It’s based on a new Wizards of the Coast novel for kids called Monster Slayers.

What better way to teach your children problem solving skills and creative thinking then by helping them hack up some monsters?

My daughter is almost four, so she’s got a ways to go before she could handle the mechanics of this adventure. By the time she’s six, however, I’m sure she’ll be ready to accept her geek heritage with pride. Or shame, whichever.

D&D Night!

It’s Dungeons & Dragons night tonight — or as my 3-year-old daughter calls it, “Candyland Fighting” — and I’m looking forward to continuing the indiscriminate slaughter of marauding giants and cave trolls. My two 11th level fighters — Sturm Endrang and Tim of Krod — are doing quite well, though Sturm took nasty a beating in our last battle with two fire giants and four hill giants. We got an high-level cleric in our party, though, so no biggie.

I plan on doing some live Tweeting during the action starting around 6:30-ish, or whenever we finish gorging ourselves on our customary junk food feast. If you want to see how true nerdy 30-somethings geek out, then by all means check in.