Pity City

My agent got another rejection yesterday for my fantasy novel ZERVAKAN. Once again it was a “positive rejection” — the editor said the book was good, but not great. At least I chose to see it as a positive rejection. The editor could’ve sent a form letter.

Anyway, I have a four-stage process for dealing with book rejection.

  1. Spend an hour in “Pity City” (as a former manager of mine used to say). Whine to my wife that nobody’s ever going to buy the book. Eat salty foods.
  2. Think about some of the successful authors I admire. J.A. Konrath wrote nine novels before he got got picked up by a major publisher. Brandon Sanderson wrote at least seven novels before his big break. Now he’s finishing the “Wheel of Time” series, the greatest fantasy epic of my generation.
  3. Remind myself I’m only on my fourth novel.
  4. Apply my butt to my chair and finish that fourth novel. Because this will be the one.

This seems to work for me. Your results may vary.