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ZERVAKAN – Published!

It’s been a long time coming, but my latest fantasy novel, ZERVAKAN, is now published.  It’s a story about faith versus science: Are they mutually exclusive, or two sides of the same coin? Here’s the summary: Reason and science gave … Continue reading

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Ebook Pricing Wars: Episode 1,209,843

Zoe Winters wrote a thoughtful and reasoned post on ebook pricing yesterday that’s worth the read for all you indie publishers struggling with the pricing question. An excerpt: I am bolding this next part because if you don’t hear any … Continue reading

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New short stories!

I published two short stories as ebooks back in December without announcing it to anyone, just to see what would happen. Would I get sales through sheer discovery, or would my stories sit online in undiscovered limbo? I haven’t checked … Continue reading

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Impact of ebooks…in pictures!

Via the Content Wrangler, an interesting info-graphic regarding ebook sales and the impact they’re having on publishers. It’s based on data from 1,300 book publishers in the semi-annual Aptara Survey of Publishing Professionals.

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Thinking of KDP Select? Read the fine print…

Amazon just gave a big fat middle-finger to all the other ebook stores out there with the announcement of their KDP Select program. It sounds great: KDP Select gives you access to a whole new source of royalties and readers … Continue reading

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Love letter to Scrivener

Scrivener, I’d say, “You complete me,” but that’s gross and hackneyed. You do, but, well, still gross and hackneyed. I mean, you’re writing software, I’m human. It could never work, my wife would never understand. The thing is, I can’t … Continue reading

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ASPECT OF PALE NIGHT – My new “geek chic” novel is live!

Buy it on Amazon! Buy it on Smashwords (all other e-formats)! Think Stephanie Plum meets The Big Bang Theory, and you’ll have the premise behind my all new “geek chic” mystery novel, ASPECT OF PALE NIGHT. Times are tough in … Continue reading

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Ebook Marketing and Publishing

I’m in an ebook mood today, particularly the marketing and publishing side. Might be because I’ve been rethinking some of my marketing strategies for my Kindle novel THE LAST KEY now that I’m developing a sequel. Hope these inspire you … Continue reading

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Story Behind THE LAST KEY

I finished THE LAST KEY in 2003 and found an agent for it in 2005 (Dr. Uwe Stender). Over the next five years my agent sent it to almost every fantasy editor in the business. We got lots of “positive … Continue reading

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Gutenberg’s toy will never take off…

Peter Suderman of Reason Magazine says don’t fear the e-reader. They may be imperfect today, but so was the printed book back in Gutenberg’s day: Kindles and other e-readers are imperfect devices, but there’s no denying they have touched a … Continue reading

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