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AmWriting: Seven simple steps for writing a novel

I love books on writing. I have over three dozen on my bookshelf right now, and I’ve checked out numerous writing books from the library over the years. My writing process is a mish-mash of the techniques I’ve learned from … Continue reading

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Book Review: In a Season of Dead Weather by Mark Fuller Dillon

Originally posted at the New Podler Review of Books. Grab a comfy chair by the fire, a hot drink, and a book of good horror stories.  Those rattling shutters outside?  Just the blowing snow.  Those shadows dancing in the corner? … Continue reading

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ZERVAKAN – Published!

It’s been a long time coming, but my latest fantasy novel, ZERVAKAN, is now published.  It’s a story about faith versus science: Are they mutually exclusive, or two sides of the same coin? Here’s the summary: Reason and science gave … Continue reading

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Book Review: Forged in Death by Jim Melvin

Forged in Death, the first of six books in Jim Melvin’s Death Wizard Chronicles, starts out with a scene from a claustrophobic’s nightmare – Torg, the Death-Knower and king of the Tugars, is imprisoned by the evil wizard Invictus at … Continue reading

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Cover Story

A great book cover inspires readers to ask the question the book seeks to answer. Since my design skills scream “amateur” (to put it kindly), I hired professionals to design great covers for two books I will publish in 2013. … Continue reading

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Circa 1995 (via Passive Voice).

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Classifying book readers

What’s your sign, book lover? Turns out I’m a “Chronological” with a dash of “Bookophile”: The Chronological Reader. Slow and steady wins the race, dear reader. You are the tortoise to the promiscuous reader’s distracted-at-any-turn hare. You buy a book, … Continue reading

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